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Car Coolant Types

Find the right coolant type and capacity for your car

What Is CoolantType.com?

On this website we keep track of the coolant/antifreeze types and capacity figures on hundreds of the most popular car models around the world.

The data is updated as often as possible using our team of volunteers who search the web and inspect hundreds of owner's manuals.

To find the right coolant type to use in your car you can select a popular model below, a manufacturer from the dropdown above or start in our dedicated search page.

Struggling to find the coolant type for your car? Wy not fire us a message through our contact page to see if we can help.

Be sure to use the correct antifreeze product in your engine as the wrong one can potentially cause damage due to the chemical make-up of it.

The Different Coolant Types

Coolant/Antifreeze comes in a variety of different types and vary from car to car and across continents.

On this website you can find the right type to use in your car but what makes them different?


You will typically find M3.0 coolant used in modern engines that are made from aluminium parts.


A mix of organic and silicates to provide coolant functionality to modern engines.


Similar to M4.0 but with added phosphate elements for enhanced cooling power.


M5.0 coolant is a simple compound that can be found in performance engines.