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Ford EcoSport

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You can find 4 different trims for the Ford EcoSport and their corresponding recommended coolant type.

The years available stretch from 2018 through to 2024 and to view the coolant type and capacity you just click to expand.

The EcoSport first joined the American carmaker’s SUV family when it was released in 2003. Since then, there have been only two generations to hit the markets. The second and latest of these was unveiled over a decade ago in 2012.

Interestingly, the EcoSport has not been a staple of the North American market as it was only released here in 2018.

This was short-lived however, as the model was destined to be retired in 2022. The decision by Ford was made to give the upcoming pickup truck called the Ford Maverick more attention upon its release in the near future.

Sitting in the subcompact crossover class has meant that the EcoSport has gone up against some fairly fierce competition. The most notable of these rivals included the Dacia Duster, Honda HR-V, and Chevrolet Trax.

As a crossover, it very clearly draws a lot of styling cues and mechanical systems from its smaller hatchback counterpart, which is the iconic Ford Fiesta.

Ford released various petrol and diesel engines for the EcoSport. For petrol models, engines started with a 995 cc inline-3 and went up to a 2.0 L inline-4. Diesel options were limited to just two different turbocharged 1.5 L inline-4 engines.

Transmission options consisted of a 5-speed or 6-speed manual, as well as automatic transmissions ranging from 4-speed to 6-speed. There was also a 6-speed dual-clutch offered.

Trim levels for the EcoSport consist of the typical Ford offerings. Most models were released with the base Ambiente, followed by the Trend, and Titanium packages. Others received the S, SE, SES, as well as the premium Titanium.