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Chrysler Town & Country

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You can find 30 different trims for the Chrysler Town & Country and their corresponding recommended coolant type.

The years available stretch from 1991 through to 2017 and to view the coolant type and capacity you just click to expand.

The Chrysler Town & Country first entered the market in 1990. It then remained on the market until its retirement in 2016. The model was named after a flagship station wagon that was available between 1941 and 1988.

Before its retirement, five generations were unveiled. The final generation made its debut in 2008 and remained until it was succeeded by the Chrysler Pacifica.

The most notable competition for the Town & Country includes the Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna. Of course, it has also faced competition in its final years from the Chrysler Pacifica.

Chrysler has released a wide array of trim levels over the years. The final version of the model was offered with six trim options. These consisted of the base LX, followed by the Touring, S, Touring L, Limited, and Limited Platinum.

With each successive trend level came more luxury and premium features, apart from the S package, which was focused on giving the Town & Country a sportier feeling.

There were also the special editions Chrysler released. The most notable of these include the 30th and the 90th Anniversary Editions, which came in 2014 and 2016 respectively. These models gave homage to Chrysler’s long stay on the market.

Powertrains have typically ranged between 3.0 L and 4.0 L engines. Most of these were petrol, with the exception of a single 2.8 L diesel engine for certain markets.

As mentioned, the Town & Country was succeeded by the Pacifica. This consisted of Chrysler simply giving the seventh-gen version the name of Chrysler Pacifica.