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You can find 84 different trims for the Volkswagen Beetle and their corresponding recommended coolant type.

The years available stretch from 1996 through to 2019 and to view the coolant type and capacity you just click to expand.

The iconic Beetle was first unveiled almost 90 years ago. It has remained one of the most popular and best-selling models in the VW family ever since. During its release, there have been eight generations in total.

There have essentially been three versions of the Beetle. The first ran from the original debut of the model until 2003.

The second, which was called the New Beetle, was introduced in 1997 and remained until 2010.

The final version debuted in 2011 and remained until 2019. The model was then discontinued as a result of poor sales.

Boasting such iconic status, the Beetle has faced a lot of competition over the years. These have also varied depending on the generation in question. The New Beetle has typically faced competition from the DS 3, Mini Hatch, and Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Trim levels for the final generation consisted of just three trim levels. These are the base S, followed by the SE, and finally the SEL. There was also the Final Edition SE trim.

Another notable special variant was the e-Bugster, which was a fully-electric version that made its debut in 2012.

Engine choices have included both petrol and diesels. Petrol options have ranged from a 1.2 L inline-4 through to a 2.5 L inline-5. Diesel engines were limited to just two powertrains. These were either a 1.6 L inline-4 or a 2.0 L inline-4.

These have been mated with a wide array of transmissions. Both a 5-speed and 6-speed manual were available, as well as 6-speed and 7-speed automatic transmissions.