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Ford Taurus

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You can find 36 different trims for the Ford Taurus and their corresponding recommended coolant type.

The years available stretch from 1985 through to 2019 and to view the coolant type and capacity you just click to expand.

The Taurus, not to be confused with the Ford Taunus, was originally released by Ford nearly 40 years ago in 1985.

Since then, a respectable eight generations of the sedan have hit the various markets. The latest of these was unveiled in 2023.

Despite already boasting eight generations, this likely would have been higher if it was not discontinued in 2004. This was the result of slowing sales figures, but new ownership meant that the staple Taurus was brought back in 2008.

This did represent a significant change in the model’s history as it was only sold to fleets from this point onwards.

Another significant point in the Taurus’ history is its planned discontinuation for the North American market in 2018. It is currently sold only in the Chinese market.

This eighth-gen model will also be sold as the Ford Mondeo in certain regions like the Middle East.

As with many other cars, it was sold with a number of body types. The most notable is, of course, the 4-door sedan. However, other versions include the 5-door liftback and 5-door estate. The latter of which was called the Taurus X.

Competition in the class typically came from the Chevrolet Impala, Buick Lacrosse, Dodge Charger, and Toyota Avalon.

Ford typically offered four trim levels for the Taurus. These consisted of the base SE, SEL, SHO, and the premium Limited.

Petrol engine options have typically ranged between a 1.5 L inline-4 and a 2.7 L V6. Interestingly, diesel powertrains were quickly phased out for the model, meaning the newer-gen versions were exclusively powered by petrol engines.

Ford mated these engines with either a 6-speed or an 8-speed gearbox.