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Jeep Liberty

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You can find 22 different trims for the Jeep Liberty and their corresponding recommended coolant type.

The years available stretch from 2001 through to 2012 and to view the coolant type and capacity you just click to expand.

The Jeep Liberty first came into production in 2001 for the 2002 model year.

It was classed as a compact SUV with the intention of replacing the Cherokee, although in 2012 the Cherokee ended up replacing this line.

Jeep put a lot of new technology into the model and offered it with independent front suspension for the best ride quality and offroad abilities.

The first generation was codenamed the KJ and was the smallest 4-door SUV the company had built until the first crossover SUVs (Compass and Patriot) took the spot.

Jeep had intended on the Liberty being their entry-level model with lower running costs than the rest of their fleet.

With the move into the second generation in 2008, the company had the new crossover SUV lines to cater to that market.

So instead of scrapping the Liberty, they removed the economical engine options and instead steered it towards being a more “sporty” line.

It didn’t work enough to stem the loss of sales from the line as many car buyers looking for SUVs were now flocking to the wide range of crossovers on the market.

Jeep halted production in 2012 with the new compact crossover SUV version of the Cherokee coming into production in the following year to scoop up the sales.